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middleware axway


Axway, the collaborative business solution, accelerates and optimizes cross-business processes within and among enterprises and establishes the connections that make it easier for companies to do business with—improving value chain efficiency, regulatory compliance and quality of service.

Axway provides a proven, standards-based platform– encompassing integration, collaboration and B2B technology – to enable customers to limit the cost, complexity and risk of deploying collaborative applications. Axway leverages a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to deliver a wide variety of IT and business solutions, including: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI); Business-to-Business Gateway (B2B); Managed File Transfer (MFT); Business Process Management Systems (BPMS); Business Activity Monitoring (BAM); Healthcare/Life Sciences Solutions; Financial Services Solutions; Accounting and Financial Integration; Banking and Finance Exchange Platform; Transparency and Auditing.

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