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Solutions for Media & Broadcast Industry
Infotech has developed expertise and implemented significant IT projects for the Television, Newspaper, PayTV and Internet Media Industries. Here is a brief overview of its solutions for the industry.

TV Broadcast

Gen21 Broadcast Management System, Infotech’s flagship product is an integrated broadcast management solution. It currently powers the majority of the national channels in Indonesia and many others internationally.

PAY TV Operations

Gen21 PayTV is a comprehensive solution for Pay TV operators to manage subscribers, contracts, products/packages, dealers, material management and invoicing. The modular functions of Gen21 PayTV for Program Management, Subscriber Management, Dealer Management, Inventory & Stock tracking and Payment & Billing management provide for end-to-end operational streamlining.

Broadcast And Media Related Services

Systems Integration

Infotech works with established partners to offer Systems Integration Services for setting up a new TV station or TV channel, upgrading an existing one, enhancing signal distribution to new markets, and other client requirements.

Content Conversion

Infotech offers services and solutions for converting content from tapes to digital media for reuse and repurposing. These typically involve moving the tape libraries into an online digital asset management database through tape conversion, cleanup, QA and meta-tagging done for the content so that it can be quickly accessed via search features and pulled into new production processes.