Infotech designs and develops highly polished Hybrid, iPhone & Android apps for startups and enterprise clients. Our team of brilliant mobile app developers deliver projects on time and maintain the top-notch code standards to translate your ideas into the game-changing apps across global markets.

Reach out to your customers and drive traffic to your store with engaging branded mobile apps. Merge the best features of your in-store and online shopping experience in one place—your customers’ mobile phones. Leverage the latest technological developments to transform the way your customers think about shopping. Manage your app builds and use comprehensive analytics to learn more about your users, automate your mobile marketing, and engage customers with targeted push notifications.

  • Geolocation & Navigation
  • Gamification
  • Content Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Networking

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  • iPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Hybrid Apps




It’s easy to often jump to a solution before attempting to define the problem. With industry experience and proven research techniques, we provide our clients with the insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.


Our best-in-class designers and developers work collaboratively to deliver products that we hold to the highest standards. We are passionate about building better experiences for real people. We prefer a user-centred process and to keep an open dialogue with our clients and users throughout the process.


We build solutions on any language, technical stack, and platform, for both web and mobile. Our philosophy allows us to build towards achieving our client’s business goals without presenting a narrow solution-set just because we may be experts in it.


We have successfully launched projects across a myriad of platforms. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to bring the best quality products to market. Our proven process ensures that all elements are optimized and ready for launch and proper support is in place for next steps.