A ‘Web Application Development’ is a business system or application delivered over the Web. Be it custom web app development from scratch, migration from your legacy application to a new solution, or enhancement of the front-end functionality, we are eager to accept your web application development challenge staying within time and budget limits.

Infotech has been developing custom Web-based applications for over 15 years and has the skills required to successfully deliver your online system. Enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, inventory and purchasing management, order processing.

Our experienced developers use structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards to develop online applications you need to make your business reach your goals.

Mature processes, quality coding, and customer-centric approach empower businesses across various industries: healthcare, telecommunications, banking and financial services, retail, manufacturing, and education.

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Development Process

A customer centric approach to every project follows the standard Software Development Life Cycle. Our team of experienced Business Analysts understand the customer business requirements, to ensure solution development meets the customer’s needs.

In addition to development, Infotech offers deployment (data migration and integration) and further maintenance of the software.



We work with a wide variety of web application technologies for front-end, back-end and database development.

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back end: PHP, ASP.NET, Java

Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Infotech keeps up with innovations in front-end development to meet the growing user demands for interactivity and ease of use.

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Infotech Advantages

  • Strong, talented in-house team
  • No outsourcing
  • 15+ years experience
  • Structured Framework and Architectural Pattern Development
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) – Isolating Program Logic and Actions from Layout and Design is an advantage that allows multiple and alternate interface designs that all use the same base code and logic, reducing development time and testing
  • Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • Clean code and APIs
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Highly maintainable code
  • Solid Version Control System
  • User friendly Interfaces
  • Performance, load, and stress testing
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technology