TV Broadcast

Gen21 Broadcast Management System, Infotech’s flagship product is an integrated broadcast management solution. It currently powers many large TV channels in APAC.

The solution manages the whole spectrum of activities of a typical broadcaster from Scheduling programs, Media Order booking, Traffic Daily Log handling and Billing, to program inventory and Costing. Gen21 incorporates extensive functionality, features and processes required by large Broadcasters to run complex multi channel, multi region stations and networks. Gen21 versions are also offered with standard functionality for medium to small TV Stations and Pay TV Networks.

Gen21 has been successfully integrated to several leading Broadcast Automation or Master Control systems and back office accounting systems to provide Users an integrated and automated broadcast operations environment.

Radio Broadcast

Gen21 offers a comprehensive product suite for free to air radio broadcasters. Gen21 RMS – Radio Management System consists of full featured modules to cover all aspects of a radio operation. It’s a multi channel enterprise solution, which can be deployed for a single channel operation to any large-scale enterprise deployment. Also the solution can be deployed in modules depending on the components required by the broadcaster.

Gen21 RMS is a full-fledged automation solution to completely automate the media supply chain of a radio station. The solution encompasses Library maintenance, Scheduling, DJ Console to Invoicing.

PAY TV Operations

Gen21 PayTV is a comprehensive solution for Pay TV operators to manage subscribers, contracts, products/packages, dealers, material management and invoicing. The modular functions of Gen21 PayTV for Program Management, Subscriber Management, Dealer Management, Inventory & Stock tracking and Payment & Billing management provide for end-to-end operational streamlining.

It provides seamless two-way integration with Conditional Access Systems (CAS) and interfaces to ensure smooth and efficient linkage to external financial systems, CRM or other third party applications. Gen21 PayTV can integrate with most known provisioning platforms. It is fully workflow driven so that all subscription management tasks can be organised and managed in a manner which enhances productivity and efficiency.

Cinema Operators

Gen21Cine is comprehensive Cinema Ad Management System and Monitoring System that manages the entire flow for placement of Commercial, Trailer and promo in Cinemas till invoice generation. Gen21Cine manages placement at multiple cinemas / screens at single click. Gen21Cine manages commercial booking based on Cinema / screens as well as based on movies with different rate cards definition for screens and movies. This also manages the invoice generation based on screens / movies. Gen21Cine Ad monitoring module monitors physical material delivery to Cinema. It helps in tracking the material delivery with various status update.

Gen21 Cine provides various MIS dashboard for daily user activity as well as management dashboard reporting for analysis.

Home Shopping Networks

Gen21 for Home Shopping Channels (HSN) is an integrated system for home shopping channel business owners. It manages end to end business operations right from the beginning of the process as product management on ecommerce site as well as TV to order placement, payment processing till delivery of the order placed.

Gen21 BMS integrates between TV as well as the ecommerce site to manage the product and schedule. With this integration the same product appears on the screen as well as on the ecommerce site. The subscriber can place order via calling the call center and sharing the product code they have seen on the TV or they can place directly from the ecommerce site. The system also comes with integrated order processing interface, payment gateway, inventory manager as well as logistic system to tracks order throughout till delivery.

Channel Distributors

Gen21 CDN – Channel Distribution is comprehensive product suit to manage the complete life cycle of the subscriber or customer. Whatever be the audience size, profile or geographic location, Gen21 CDN can easily take care of the all the contracts with the multiplatform Distributers with accurate billing.

It offers flexibility, scalability and support you need to take you channel’s growth in whatever direction you choose. Gen21 Distribution can be integrated with the Conditional Access System(CAS). Gen21 Distribution maintains the entire gamut of activities from the customer creation, Package details, inventory allocation to the Invoice generation & collection from the customer thus helping the broadcaster to save the Cost as well as the time.

Content Distributors

The Gen21 Distribution system empowers distributors with a simple and powerful tool to manage the crucial ‘movement’ aspect of their inventory, which centres on the processes of acquiring the broadcasting material from film makers, production houses and other content providers, as well as the sale of these materials to broadcasters and other parties who need it.

Ad Agencies

Infotech’s Digital Media services help agencies to craft strategies for online promotions while managing and measuring social media reach across multiple social media channels at once. Ad Agencies can manage media marketing dashboards for social media to listen, measure, and gain insights from happenings online.

Online Ad Exchange

Gen21 Adex network bridges the gap between the Publishers, Advertisers as well as Ad Networks and help them to efficiently utilize & monetize the Ad inventory. Gen21 Adex maximizes the revenue by facilitating buying and selling over the Internet by effectively placing the commercial on different digital properties.

Digital Signage Operators

Gen21 Spot (Digital Signage) is the ad management solution for newer modes of advertising. Digital signage has demonstrated a continuing ability to reach large audiences in a targeted way at a point where it really matters. With this growing market in mind, Gen21 has launched a Digital Signage Ad management product, the Gen21 Spot, for ad booking on digital signage boards, targeted at the Out-of-Home (OOH) ad industry.



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