Gen21 Media Management

Gen21 Acquisition

Gen21 Acquisition module manages all operational and financial aspects like Program Purchase, Time efficient and optimized amortization & Payment Schedules, Usage, Stock and Episode information like Synopsis, Target Audience, Usage Restrictions, censorship details, licensing details.

  • Multi-dimensional Acquisition Contract handling
  • Titles, License, Airing Rights, Sharing & Cost Mgmt
  • Multi-dimensional Information on Content
  • Distributor Payment Schedule and Deadlines Alerts
  • Runs/Usage and Revenue Management
  • Amortization Schedule Management
  • Various Operational & Management Reports for Analysis


Gen21 Media Management Screenshot

Gen21 Media Library

Gen21 Media Library streamlines all media activities in library like material circulation and also manages the workflow for materials required for production till transmission. Gen21 Media Library handles traditional as well as digital media.

  • Contents and Blanks Media Library Management
  • Receive/Manage Circulation of Programs, Archives, Commercials, Promos
  • Enhance operational efficiency with bulk media handling functionalities
  • Extensive search mechanism to locate material
  • Extensive reporting capabilities to track all history and stock related information
  • Supports traditional as well as digital media

Gen21 Quality Control

This module helps streamline all media activities for quality control. Specifically deals with the tasks related to the quality checking of the media before airing, which mainly consist of Audio/Video Quality Checks, Time Coding, Censorship and Allocation of the Media# or House# to the schedule.

  • Quality monitoring of Technical as well as Content-related aspects of Media
  • Technical QC and Program Cue Sheet deliverables
  • Enforcement of Procedure-based validations
  • Full segmentation, Censorship and Revisions support
  • Scheduling and Airing Info integration

Gen21 Media Distribution

Gen21 Distribution module handles the Content sales and distribution process of the content acquired or produced by the channel. This module handles internal content distribution through content sharing module as well as external sales and distribution through distribution and sale module. Gen21 distribution manages various types of content rights like Pay TV, VOD, OTT, Terrestrial etc as well as territories through its Rights Management modules.

  • Integrate with Gen21 CMS for the Purchase contract information
  • Facility to define the territory and rights to be sold
  • Facility to generate invoice for the content and rights sold
  • Extensive reporting based on various parameters
  • Facility to define flexible payment terms