PayTV Operators


Gen21 PayTV is a comprehensive solution for Pay TV operators to manage subscribers, contracts, products/packages, dealers, material management and invoicing. The modular functions of Gen21 PayTV for Program Management, Subscriber Management, Dealer Management, Inventory & Stock tracking and Payment & Billing management provide for end-to-end operational streamlining.

It provides seamless two-way integration with Conditional Access Systems (CAS) and interfaces to ensure smooth and efficient linkage to external financial systems,CRM or other third party applications. Gen21 PayTV can integrate with most known provisioning platforms. It is fully workflow driven so that all subscription management tasks can be organised and managed in a manner which enhances productivity and efficiency.

Product Features
• Maximum flexibility, expandability and reliability
• Unlimited Subscribers, History, Work Orders and Notes
• Robust N-tier application architecture in latest technologies
• Enriched with Multiple Languages support
• Flexible Billing Cycle
• Multi-user and remote offices support
• High performance, dynamic database architecture
• History & Audit Trail Facilities
• Conditional Access Systems integration
• Ready interface for Accounting & CRM systems
• Extensive Reporting Engine