Print Media/Publisher


Summit – The Print Media solution offers State of the art, easy to use web based editorial content workflow management, a dynamic work environment for booking, scheduling, planning, production and accounting of display advertisement of your publications and tool to archive and search assets in a database that contains millions of records.

Liberty – an editorial publishing system that is designed to make news, in more ways than one. Liberty automates all editorials operations and processes that go into producing newspaper, magazine, web site, ePaper, tablet and mobile media publications. It streamlines the workflow and keeps track of all activities involved in producing multi-media content in a modern newsroom convergence scenario. Through one workflow, your newsroom can publish news to all your media outlets, resulting in huge cost savings and increased efficiency and productivity, giving you ability to take the breaking news to your readers and viewers instantly. Liberty has powerful features that greatly simplify the entire production process, integrating with Advertising systems at one end and the production systems at the other. Liberty is scalable and is an ‘anytime- anywhere’ system that fits the need of a media house of any size or complexity. Liberty consistently helps you produce a high quality publication on time every time, meeting the expectation of your readers.

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