Systems Integration


Infotech works with established partners to offer Systems Integration Services for setting up a new TV station or TV channel, upgrading an existing one, enhancing signal distribution to new markets, and other such client requirements. The Systems Integration solutions are based on Client’s unique needs and workflows and what is best for them in terms of efficiency and profitability. Infotech partners work with best-of-breed broadcast equipment across the line and tailor each individual solution for client needs, not the other way around. Most importantly, we bring ‘value engineering’ to the table. Value engineering brings more effective design philosophies to the solution, removes unnecessary components, and zeroes in on what is crucial while keeping in mind necessary redundancies essential to uninterrupted workflows in the event of equipment malfunction.

Our solutions embrace acquisition, whether Electronic News Gathering or ingest, storage (SAN / NAS / DAS / etc.), automation control – from ingest to playout, media asset management, non-linear editing, multi-lingual newsrooms, tape-less production and post production, playout, channel branding and ticker tape, archiving, internet streaming and distribution to new media. In addition, we also offer workflow solutions that seamlessly integrate functions such as scheduling / re-scheduling, billing, logging / auditing, etc. to provide an integrated one point turnkey support to client needs.
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