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Systems Integration: Seamless Integration for Your Broadcasting Needs

Infotech collaborates with trusted partners to provide comprehensive Systems Integration Services. Whether you’re setting up a new TV station or channel, upgrading an existing one, or expanding signal distribution to new markets, we have the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Our solutions cover a wide range of areas, including:

  1. Content Acquisition: We assist with electronic news gathering, content ingest, and storage solutions such as SAN, NAS, DAS, and more.
  2. Automation Control: From ingest to playout, our automation control systems ensure smooth and efficient operations.
  3. Media Asset Management: We offer robust solutions for organizing and managing your media assets effectively.
  4. Non-linear Editing: Our tools and technologies enable seamless non-linear editing workflows, enhancing productivity and creativity.
  5. Multi-lingual Newsrooms: We provide solutions for managing multilingual content and facilitating efficient newsroom operations.
  6. Tape-less Production and Post-Production: Say goodbye to cumbersome tape-based workflows and embrace streamlined, tape-less production processes.
  7. Playout and Channel Branding: Our solutions cover playout management, channel branding, and ticker tape functionalities.
  8. Archiving: We offer reliable archiving solutions to ensure the long-term preservation of your valuable content.
  9. Internet Streaming and Distribution: Reach your audience through internet streaming and distribute content to new media platforms.

In addition, we provide workflow solutions that seamlessly integrate various functions, including scheduling, re-scheduling, billing, logging, auditing, and more. Our goal is to offer an integrated, turnkey support system that meets all your broadcasting needs in one place.

Content Conversion: Transforming Tapes into Digital Assets

Infotech specializes in content conversion services, helping you transform analog tapes into digital media for reuse and repurposing. We leverage our expertise to move your tape libraries into an online digital asset management database. Our team performs cleanup, quality assurance, and meta-tagging to ensure easy searchability and integration into new production processes.

Channel Management & Consultancy: Comprehensive Support for Your Channels

Partnering with industry-leading consultants, Infotech offers end-to-end channel consultancy and management services. Whether you need assistance with channel strategy, programming, scheduling, or audience engagement, our experts are here to guide you and maximize the success of your channels.

Visit the Gen21 BMS website for more information and detailed insights into our solutions. Discover how Infotech can empower your broadcasting operations and take your media business to new heights.

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